Submissions for Spring 2021 are currently closed. The deadline was 3/23/21. For updates on future deadlines, please follow us on Twitter: @PointofChange_   Instagram: @point.of.change  or Facebook: PointOfChange

Each submission to Point of Change is anonymized, evaluated, and discussed by at least four readers. Thank you for trusting us with your work!

PPU student policies/guidelines for magazine submission:

* Submissions should be sent to

*Any questions or concerns may also be sent to this email

  • 3,000 words or less per piece
  • May submit any form of writing or artwork the student wants to share
    • Poetry, essays, short stories, fiction and nonfiction, artwork, etc.
  • You may remain anonymous in your piece if you want! Email us what name (or no name) you would like to be used in your submission
  • Can reflect on your experience as a student at Point Park. How does it relate to the theme of art and activism? Don’t have to do this, but this is something you may share if you’d like!
  • Content that is outright offensive or derogatory towards anyone/group will not be published (submissions will be reviewed before being published)
  • Write in your style! Everyone has different writing styles, and some are unique to what is “normally” seen in writing – not one right form to write your piece in!
  • Please do not send written pieces in PDF form as this prohibits editorial from being able to make needed edits (Sharing through Google Docs is preferred)
  • Please respond to edits made by editorial within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving said edits
  • Feel free to include a short caption with your piece, a short paragraph/a couple sentences, or even a social media account to link – optional
  • If you want to include a photo/image with your piece, send it to 

Short Stories


Creative Nonfiction

Flash Fiction