“Words That Start with Dis-“, recorded with Abby Bowers

Words That Start with “Dis-”

  1. Discourse, 

meaning not just what is said but what isn’t

Ladies and gentlemen, may I be included?

meaning communication of thought by words

My heart pounds in my ears and I cannot bring myself to correct them

meaning to utter or give forth

Exposing myself with every utterance of my name

  1. Disembody,

meaning to divest of a body

Can you see through or into me?

meaning to become incorporeal

I am haunted by the ghost of a little girl insisting she is me

meaning to free from reality

Wanting to call your skin someone else’s

  1.  Dismiss,

meaning to discard or reject

Those dresses never fit anyway

meaning to remove from position or service

I know I’m not what you ordered, but I’m not going back to the kitchen now

meaning to treat as unworthy of serious consideration

Who I am is not a phase

  1. Disorder,

meaning an irregularity

Standing out without having to stand up

meaning public disturbance

Parents grabbing their kid’s finger to stop them from pointing at me

meaning a derangement or abnormality of function

Even medically I am “other”

  1. Dissonance,

meaning disagreement or incongruity

No matter how hard I try the pieces do not fit together

meaning inharmonious or harsh sound

My own voice doesn’t sound like me

meaning an auditory experience that lacks musical quality

That is not my name

  1. Dysphoria, 

meaning a state of dissatisfaction, anxiety, restlessness, or fidgeting

I know it’s a “y” and not an “i”, but bear with me

meaning the distress felt due to a mismatch between gender identity and sex assigned at birth

“Y” because why did the world make me like this

meaning a medical condition that distinguishes my existence

There is no “I” because I already took it out 

meaning I made it into the center of myself

Abstract: “Words that Start with Dis-” is a poem where the author reflects on different aspects of being transgender using the definitions of words starting with “dis-“. It is read by the author and Abby Bowers.

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Quinton Holt
Quinton is a senior creative writing major at Point Park. He is a storyteller and writer from Pittsburgh, PA. They are the president of Point Park's Gender and Sexuality Spectrum Alliance (GSSA) and vice president of the Name (Pen)ding… creative writing club. He primarily writes poetry, often as a form of activism, expressing his experiences as a queer transgender man. Quinton also has a passion for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role-playing games.