A True Woman

Photograph of Jada Reid
Photographer: Madi Fisher

“Intersectionality is a big topic in the feminist/womanist community today, the term was coined in the 1980s by black feminist Kimberle Crenshaw who noticed that throughout history, the feminist movement was heavily focused on upper class white women. the idea of being a womanist is to be a feminist of color who believes in intersectionality and recognizes the mistreatment of all women, no matter race, age, weight, sexuality, or disability. A true feminist/womanist advocates for all.” -Jada Reid
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Madi Fisher
Madi Fisher is a freshman Acting major here at PPU. She started her own photography business a few years back called Madi Kaye Photography. Madi loves to use her art to promote messages that need to be heard. She hopes you feel inspired by her piece.