Jaylen Brown March

Content Warning: disturbing circumstances, unexplained death

Dannielle Brown, mother of Jaylen Brown, holds her fist in the air at the Rooney field on Duquesne University’s campus, where her son used to play football on the Duquesne team, on Sept. 11, 2020. Originally published with The Globe, Point Park’s student run newspaper.
Riding in the back of a pickup truck leading the march to honor the late Jaylen Brown, (from right to left) Chrissy Carter holds a sign with the words “What happened to Jaylen Brown?”, Mia Sterbini holds a poster with the words: “I can’t breathe for the mothers when the camera is off,” and Vuestro Merced leads a chant: “Say his name: Jaylen Brown. Who did this? Duquesne did this,” on Sept. 11, 2020 in Uptown. Original publication with The Globe, Point Park’s student run newspaper.
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Gin Garner
Gin Garner (she/they) is a sophomore Journalism major at Point Park University. Gin's interests reside in protest photography and capturing hard-hitting, resonating moments at the events while simultaneously keeping in mind the safety of those in attendance. Besides journalism and photography Gin is also a dancer and loves makeup and fashion.