Brick by brick
And lesson plans
A calendar full
A river wide
And an open heart

Thoughts prevail
This time, they’re good
I am here, today
Brick by brick
And calls on hold

Overflowing emotional wave
Undercutting abusive gains
Ropes in knots
Stagnant stay

Brick by brick
Lights stop, lights go
Fountain protruding sky
That closed-off bridge
Now solid, covered floor

For you, I’m complete
Even with the score
I am gone, tomorrow
Brick by brick
And hearts secure

Shards of glass
Weeds upon bushes
Uncut the masses
Here I lay

Brick by brick
Buildings hold
Arches high
Flags gusting in wind
But I’m already folded

Cracks in faults
Ground shaking
Eyes awakening
Brick by brick
Dust to dust

Sidetracked, but on track
To create
Something beautiful
Something beautiful
Brick by brick

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Bryan Partika
Bryan Partika is from Poland, Ohio and is earning his MBA in Business Administration at Point Park Universiry where he also serves as the Graduate Assistant in the Office of Student Affairs. Bryan is also earning his MS in Higher Education Administration at Duquesne University where he serves as the Graduate Assistant in the Center for Student Involvement. Bryan was a four-year track athlete at Point Park and has continued as a coach for Chatham University's track and field team."Sidetracked" speaks to his own interpretation of artwork by showcasing what it is like to build yourself up after being torn down. It is an interpretation of how every situation and every brick of life leads to creating a beautiful home of joy.