“The Tree of Liberty,” photographed by Sofie Waterfall and Maia Nunez

Inspired by a Thomas Jefferson quote, this work illustrates the cyclical nature of human bloodshed revolutions. In a culture plagued by ‘that can’t happen to me’ notions, it is necessary to remind the modern world whenever it is possible that we are very capable of descending into our classical forms of utter chaos. This is especially true with political movements spearheaded by false prophets who are master emotional manipulators. Brutal dictators of the past were able to achieve complete control via infantile microphones and early-twentieth century radios. Now anyone with enough Twitter followers can push propaganda all day if they choose so and rile the masses in ways that those same brutal dictators of the past could only have dreamed. We are not as different as we would like to think.
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Ben Walter
Ben Walter is a junior political science major and aspiring 21st-Century visionary. His main hobbies revolve around music, literature, and painting. His biggest influences are Prince, Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci, Tommy Douglas, and his mother, Michele Mastro.