Point of Change is Point Park University’s first student-run literary magazine, with the theme of Art and Activism.

Our mission:

  • To provide a platform from which art can be shared so that all voices and active causes may have a chance to be heard.
  • To elevate the visibility of moral, societal, or political issues which need solving.
  • To encourage change and community building through artistic expression.


Every year, the Literary Arts / SJS department hosts an annual Undergraduate Research Symposium to celebrate student work. In Spring 2020, Lit Arts / SJS students selected the theme of Art and Activism for this event. Students and faculty made flyers, put out a call for submissions, and received many proposals.

Then… the pandemic happened. 

There were efforts to try and turn the Art and Activism project into a literary magazine instead of an in-person symposium in Spring 2020, but they just fell apart in the chaos.

Enter us! We are going to take the reins on this project and produce Point Park University’s first digital literary magazine together, on the theme of Art and Activism. This magazine will be featuring works by members of the Point Park and Downtown communities that highlights the intersections of Art, Literature, and Activism. We’ll get to see what our campus community thinks about pressing contemporary issues! We might even start a new tradition here at PPU!


The staff members collectively voted on the theme for this magazine. After brainstorming, we have chosen the theme of Diversity and Inclusion in addition to Art and Activism. At PPU, many students feel like their voices and their calls to action are not being heard by the university. While the university is diverse in some ways, many students also do not view PPU as the racially diverse or artistically diverse school as the image is made out to be. With this magazine, we are hoping to have those voices be heard on a unique and creative level. We want our fellow students to have that call to action. We aspire to make it happen.

Meet The Staff

Get to know the staff!

Barbara Barrow (she/her): Associate Professor of English and the faculty advisor for this magazine.

Equity, Inclusion, and Community Outreach

This group focuses on the call out for outside organizations to take part in the magazine and reaching out to other people on campus

Abby Bowers (they/she): A freshman social justice studies major. They love the color lavender, baking chocolate chip cookies, and playing the cello. They are on their sixth run-through of the Harry Potter film series as well as their third run of the books but can’t seem to recall the author. They have a cat named Pippin (after Lord of the Rings, not the Broadway show) and occasionally look after their girlfriend’s betta fish, Bee. They hope to one day open a theatre or program that helps youth learn to improve their art and technical theatre skills.

Quinton Holt (he/they): Quinton is a senior creative writing major at Point Park and is a storyteller and writer. He is the president of Point Park’s Gender and Sexuality Spectrum Alliance (GSSA) and vice president of the Name (Pen)ding… creative writing club. They primarily write poetry, often as a form of activism, expressing his experiences as a queer transgender man. Quinton also has a passion for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role-playing games. He is also part of the Submissions and Editorial group.


This group uploads and organizes our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Abi Cedeño (she/her):

Abi is a freshman Theatre Production: Stage Management Major at Point Park University. She loves reading, sims 4, and her dog -Chase. Abi works on publicity for the literary magazine and runs the social media accounts. She is very excited for everyone to see all the hard work being put into this project.

Aeryn Lesesne (she/her):

Aeryn is a sophomore  here at Point Park University studying Secondary English Education. She grew up in Pittsburgh but is yet to acquire a working knowledge of “Pittsburghese.” As a Diversity Assistant, she works towards efforts of equity and inclusion at the university. In her free time, Aeryn enjoys photography, people watching, and cheesecake.

Shaun McCarthy (she/her):

An English major at Point Park in her senior year. Her passion is nonfiction creative writing. She has been a stage actor in regional theatre for over 25 years, and has a few film credits. Most recently she has ventured into standup comedy.

Chrissy Richardson (she/her):

A creative writing major at Point Park University in her sophomore year. Chrissy strives to spread her voice through poetry. She regularly participates in open mic nights and has been published in Pitt’s 2018 edition of “Young Writers Literary Magazine.” Chrissy describes herself as being “proficient in astrology and compatibility.” Chrissy Richardson is also a proud cat mama to her nine-month-old kitten. In her free time, you can find her writing and listening to lofi music.

Submissions and Editorial

This group goes through the process of submissions and editing on an as-needed basis with permission from each creator.

Daphne Fetsko (she/her):

Hi everyone! I’m Daphne Fetsko and I am a senior English major at Point Park. Some of my interests include gymnastics, reading, poetry, camping, and hiking. Some of my favorite authors are Judy Blume, Toni Morrison, and Erin Hunter. Very excited to be a part of this literary magazine! Hope you all enjoy it!

Brisa Glazier (she/her):

Hello! My name is Brisa Glazier. I am a freshman majoring in funeral services and minoring in psychology. Outside of school I enjoy playing video games, watching streams, and listening to music! Some of my favorite artists are Harry Styles, Penelope Scott, Quadeca and Mother Mother. I hope you all enjoy our magazine as much as

Shannon Hartnett (she/her):

Lives by the philosophy that to read is to learn and the best way to learn is by reading. Thinker. Creator. Collaborator.

Lauren Hunter (she/her):

Hi! My name is Lauren Hunter. I am a creative writing major at Point Park and I’m focusing in poetry! I really enjoy yoga, reading, record-shopping, and playing with my cat, Ari. Some of my favorite authors right now are Donna Tartt, Sally Rooney, and Madisen Kuhn. I am so proud to be a part of this magazine and to work with all of these talented people.

Olivia Penrod (she/her):

Hi! My name is Olivia and I am in my last semester as a junior here at Point Park. I am an English major with a minor in creative writing. I’m an avid reader and writer, with special interest in feminist literature and theory. My favorite writers/authors are Anne Sexton and Roxanne Gay. I work at Healthy Pet Products, a pet store specializing in natural, holistic approaches to cat and dog food and medicine. My dream job is working an editorial for a book publishing house.

Website, Visual Design, and Graphics

This group created and designed the general look and style of this digital magazine.

Mya Burns (they/them):

A senior Multimedia major at Point Park University. They are working towards a career in community-based media work, preferably in a nonprofit or organization serving the Erie area. Burns is passionate about social justice issues and in their free time loves reading, drawing, crocheting, and spending time with loved ones. They are also part of the publicity group for this magazine that works on the social media.

Haylee Gilmore (she/her):

A senior English Creative Writing major at Point Park University. She enjoys reading and writing fiction, playing video games, watching anime, drawing, fishing with her father, and playing Dungeons & Dragons with her small group of friends. She is very excited to work on this literary magazine and is ready to explore new possibilities!

Amara Phillips (she/her):

A senior English major and Journalism minor. She is a writer and poet who has a love for the arts. When she is not writing and keeping up with her website she is performing slam poetry for the Pittsburgh Poetry Collective. Ask her what her favorite book is and she will be sure to give you a list of favorite books. She loves strawberry milkshakes and has a slight obsession with mozzarella sticks.

Cristina Sargent

My name is Cristina Sargent and I graduated from McKeesport High School in 2019. I am a Criminal Justice major here at Point Park and I am on the University’s softball team. In my free time, I enjoy reading/writing poetry. I am very excited for our first Literary Magazine and to read the work of so many talented individuals!

Special Thanks To:
Alex Bondi
Morgan Wable