Maybe One Day

Maybe One Day…

  I won’t feel the need

  to please everyone I see.

Maybe One Day…

   I’ll live in a world where being 

   a girl isn’t a bad thing.

Maybe One Day… 

   I’ll live in a world where I can 

   feel comfortable with myself

   and not need a magazine

   to tell me that’s okay.

Maybe One Day…

   I can dress how I want without

   being afraid of what might

   happen if I do.

Maybe One Day…

   My best friend

   won’t be ridiculed because of

   the color of her skin.

Maybe One Day… 

   My cousin won’t be

   bullied because of her


They tell us the world is getting better but I think we’re all just waiting for that One Day.

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Abigail Coffee
Abigail Coffee (She/her) is a Screenwriting Major.